Mary Shackman – colour queen

I just came across this page from an old Belle magazine that I had filed away. I’m still struck by the vibrancy of the colours. This piece is entitled “A sound like someone trying not to make a sound“. Very inspiring. Mary Shackman is a Sydney artist and textile designer. She was well known in the 80s for her t-shirt and clothing designs. You can find out more about her here.

Mary Shackman

Dard Hunter

I found Dard Hunter when I was in the art gallery of Vancouver, Canada. Symmetry, line, balance and harmony. Just as you’ll find in lot of Arts and Crafts pieces. I love how these guys were all-round artists and crafts folk – illustrators, typeface creators, typesetters, printers, book binders.

Dard Hunter Ex Libris

I have these at home and they're far too nice to actually send to anyone!

I have these at home and they’re far too nice to actually send to anyone!

Dard Hunter typeface Arts and Crafts

Beci Orpin

Here is another artist/designer I find inspiring. I heard Beci speak at Semi Permanent in 2012 and found her very down-to-earth, just get on and be productive attitude stuck with me. I am in awe of these people who can raise a family whilst being creatively productive. It’s taken me till my children are young adults to find my creativity. Expressing it takes a dedication and discipline I’m training myself in…